There are two forms of victory that God gives us to take forward in life.
Both are built upon the idea of growing spiritual success, both for ourselves and for the people that we encounter in life.


The first is praise. Praise is exalting and honoring God.
It's the automatic and appropriate response when He does something wonderful or amazing in our lives.
Use it.
In that moment of praise, we not only exalt God, we also invite Him to do amazing and wonderful things again.
And it should be no surprise that He enjoys doing those things.


The second is Testimony. Testimony is telling the story of what God has done for you.
It's the after party of a miracle or a God-moment.
Use it.
People need to hear from you what God has done for you and with you.
They need to see in your eyes and hear in your voice the excitement, enthusiasm, appreciation, and hope that came from that experience.
It doesn't only tell your story, it makes the reality of what God can and will do real for those that we tell it to.
It sparks faith.

So use them both. Praise Him in the moment and testify after the fact.
Let people know what God has done for you and watch Him do it again.