About Me

Welcome. I am Nathaniel Francis, aka Francainath.

Here's a little bit about me.

Born and raised in Southern Wisconsin.

Studied ministry locally and in Chicagoland.

12 years of industrial roofing professionally

I've been a web developer at Computer Know How since 2012

Husband and father of 7 children.

Volunteer minister at Living Word, a local FCA church.

Avid learner and proactive worker.

This site is a reflection of the things that I learn, value, and treasure.

My Interests

Once the quirky, annoying, and glitchy language of the web browser, JavaScript has rapidly become the premiere language of the unfolding world of technology. Its ubiquitous nature (has a virtual monopoly in the browser) helped it overcome its rough early years and significant advancements like Google's V8 engine and the NodeJS server have propelled it forward to a bright future. Almost every day I'm hearing of a new use, feature, or place that JavaScript is found. It is truly a remarkable and fascinating study for me.
Before the front-end JavaScript frameworks, there were very few ways for developers to make dynamic web sites from static HTML. ColdFusion was one of the tools that answered that problem in a revolutionary way. The landscape has changed much since then, but so has the language. Today, it has also grown into a powerful JVM language and continues to progress, thanks to (in a large way) the open-sourced community that surrounds the core language.
Since early childhood, I can remember being enthralled by the visionary world of Star Wars (more space opera than science fiction) and the imaginative future of Star Trek and Back To The Future. Since then, I've found some of the great writings such as Dune, Ender's Game, and the colorful Expanded Universe of Star Wars (now dubbed "legends" and officially non-canonical). I commonly daydream about space travel, aliens, and time travel and really enjoy sharing these ideas. Note that in some ways the superhero motif blends its way into some science fiction and I enjoy that too - although it is more of the myth/fantasy blend than science fiction.
For most of my adult life, I've been fascinated with Theology. Not the academic, comparative, or dogmatic approaches, but more the grassroots, "in the trenches", "school of hard knocks" approach. I have become quite the theorist and am particularly engaged in a contextually deductive approach to the Bible, a covenantal approach to God, a redemptive preterist approach to eschatology, and a team-ministerial-leadership approach to ecclesiology.