A seriously underrated part of the Christian life is the spiritual access we have. This is a unique facet to other religions (systems of rituals) and spiritual belief systems. To the Christian, our spiritual access is not something we discover to control like a scientist does to nature nor is it something mechanical that we learn to manipulate like a pilot does an aircraft. It’s not something one PHDs in research & edueate others nor is it a distant treasure one journeys to find like  the fabled city of gold.

Our spirituality is none of these things essentially. It is accessed not by will, nor might, nor intellect. It is pure relationship. Our access to spiritual life and power is through the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ who invites us personally to fellowship with him. His Holy Spirit is a comforter, leader, and teacher; not some impersonal mystical force or spooky apparition. His fellowship is intimate and in that fellowship, we have life,  joy, and peace.

This is our spiritual access. Not a quest, but a pursuit of deeper fellowship with the One who not only calls us brothers & friends, but who flows rivers of life through us that we might be a blessing to those around us as an extension of who we are in Him.

There is no more vibrant spirituality than a personal relationship with Jesus Christ,

This is the essence of relational spirituality.